1.4L 60W Ultrasonic Cleaner with Digital Timer

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Item Number::4800
  • 1.4 liter capacity
  • High power - 60 watts for more cleaning action
  • Preset cycles takes the guesswork out of cleaning
  • Easy to read digital timer
  • Stainless Steel Tank
  • Timer Settings: 90s - 180s - 280s - 380s - 480s
  • Power Supply: AC 100-120V 60Hz
  • View window on lid
The new generation Digital Ultrasonic Cleaners use the process of “cavitation” in cleaning items which is more efficient and is done on a much shorter cleaning time. The process of Ultrasonic Cleaning starts by millions of tiny bubbles that are generated inside the liquid by high frequency vibrations. Then the air bubbles burst inside the liquid and shake off the debris to achieve the cleaning effect.