Angel POS understands how important the point of sale process is to the life of your company. Our POS bundles are designed to not only deliver streamlined and integrated hardware solutions, but also reduce the potential for human error and provide you with the critical data your business needs to make sound logistical and marketing decisions. For companies with established POS systems, we carry cutting edge components like barcode scanners, touch screen monitors and a wide range of other technological tools. Our expertise goes well beyond POS systems though. We also deliver state-of-the-art CCTV systems to help reduce shrinkage, Biometric time clocks for efficient human asset management and ultrasonic cleaners to increase material purity in the manufacturing and assembly processes. We want to provide you with the tools your enterprise needs to not only maintain your core strengths, but the versatility to expand and grow as you see fit. At Angel POS, our business is taking care of your business.