Safe Tech: Biometrics

Posted by Enrique on 3/1/2014
Theft prevention is one of the top concerns for every business. Keys can be copied and spinning combination locks defeated with rudimentary listening devices. As an entrepreneur, keeping your business records, laptop, and other devices safe, whether on site or at home, is of the utmost importance. Data breaches are in the news on a regular basis and you have to be able to assure your customers and clients that sensitive information is as safe as you can possibly make it.

If you use a POS system, you know that biometrics can be built into your POS software package to require employees to scan their fingerprints before using the terminal, and to clock in and out. The industry has kept pace and now offers a variety of biometric secure options for safes, door locks, and safe boxes.

Biometrics have long been the standard in high-tech security, and now they’ve become affordable for the most cost-conscious entrepreneur. Digital locking devices are also much more affordable, and many newer locks and safes offer the use of either, or a combination of the two. Most also offer the ease of a RFID card or FOB to allow identification badges to do double duty.  

For situations where secure doors during the business day matter the biometric door lock is an invaluable tool. Encoding employee’s fingerprints into each lock ensures that only those who should have access to any given room get it. This is especially important when dealing with high security situations like daycare centers or pharmacies or medical suppliers.

The financial industry has long used extra security measures with safe deposit boxes. Biometrics have caught up there as well, and there are individually encoded biometric locking safe boxes available in many sizes.  The smaller size of safes or safe boxes can allow hospitality providers an 
added bonus for in-room and hotel safe options as well.

Even home use wall safes now offer biometric and digital security to keep valuables safe. They are surprisingly affordable too, and can allow important personal and work papers, or electronics, to be held safely.