Using Your iPad for Business Transactions

Posted by Landy on 12/10/2013
It is becoming more and more common for you to show up at a business and see an iPad being used for money transactions. It is becoming the new and improved way to efficiently conduct business!

But What More Could I Be Doing With A POS System?

Posted by Joe P. on 12/6/2013
If you’re a business owner of any size, and you don’t already have a POS system for your sales, you have most likely been considering making the move to a POS system. It’s definitely time to look at what a good POS system could do for you. There are numerous options available, and while not all may be the features you need, you can easily set your needs and find exactly what you want, from the POS systems currently on the market.

Ringing Up Sales Over the Years

Posted by Joe P. on 12/3/2013
In 1879, a Dayton Ohio saloon owner came up with a device to prevent his employees from taking his profits. Known as the ritty Model, it was named after its inventor, James Ritty. Mr. Ritty had it patented and later sold the design to Jacob H. Eckert, who eventually sold to John H. Patterson. Mr Patterson changed the name to National Cash Register Company, and improved the cash register by adding a paper roll which recorded sales transactions. It was the first method of providing a sales receipt ever. The receipt helped the business owner understand how his employees were handling his money, and additionally showed the day’s total sales.