POS Systems: The Ultimate Inventory Dream

Posted by Landy on 2/6/2014
Product inventory varies greatly between different industries, but controlling item movement within stores is a key goal for all businesses. Whether you sell thousands of tiny screws or hundreds of oversize couches, inventory control keeps costs down and a business viable for many years. A POS system puts daily inventory movement into perspective and keeps it accurately controlled.

Revitalize Your POS With Touchscreen Monitors

Posted by Landy on 2/5/2014
Convenience and ease of use are key when it comes to your POS interface. You need a tool that employees navigate quickly and efficiently to make client transactions as smooth as possible. Consider a sleek, state-of-the-art touchscreen monitor to revitalize your outdated POS and help your business run more smoothly.

Productivity's Best Friend

Posted by Landy on 2/5/2014
As a company owner or manager, you cannot be at the sales counter at all times. Observing customer and employee behavior, however, helps you understand productivity. Old-fashioned cash registers and outdated credit card machines slow the checkout process, deterring eager customers. Adding a POS system to the front counter gives you an accurate view of productivity and how it can be improved through transaction histories.

Why Biometric Time Clocks Can Save Your Company Money

Posted by Landy on 2/2/2014
Biometric time clocks are one of the latest developments in timekeeping technology. The clocks require employees to scan a fingerprint to clock in and out when they arrive at work and leave. By being highly efficiency and accurate, biometric time clocks save your company money in at least three ways.